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Experience and Capability




Compliance, Performance and Approvals Testing

See the range of tests WAVES staff have been involved in:

  • Luminance contrast testing of tactiles, floor and wall tiles, partitions, visual barriers and other building materials to AS 1428
  • Photoluminescent materials to ASTM E 2073, DIN 67510, BCA E4.8
  • Spectral power distribution of light sources to CIE S-025, LM-79 and other standards
  • Colour metrics; Colour rendering index (CRI), correlated colour temperature (CCT), chromaticity coordinates, Scotopic/photopic ratio
  • Cyanosis observation index to AS 1680.2.5
  • Road lighting:  Streetlight and tunnel light audits and assessment to AS 1158
  • Lighting assessments for development applications
  • Pre-installation and post-installation assessments
  • Traffic signal lanterns testing to AS 2144
  • Vehicle mounted signs (VMS) testing to AS 4852,
  • Electronic speed limit signs to AS 5156,
  • Flashing arrow boards to AS 4192,
  • Emergency exit luminaires and exit signs AS 2293
  • High bay and warehouse lighting
  • Sports field lighting
  • Aerodrome lighting to CASA requirements
  • Lighting Impact Assessments for turtles and other wildlife for compliance with Local Planning Schemes and Biodiversity, Waterways and Wetlands Overlay.
  • UV transmittance through shade cloth to AS 4174
  • Transmission:  visible and UV, broadband and spectral; transmittance of windscreens, window tint, glass, safety glazing, rain water tank plastics, filters and shade-cloth to ADR 8/00, ADR 14, AS 2070, AS 2080
  • Reflection:  specular and diffuse, broadband and spectral; reflectance of building facade materials, glazing, tactiles, safety way guidance systems (SWGS), floor tiles, and mirrors to AS 1428, AS 2080
  • Electrical waveform measurements and associated calculations for total harmonic distortion, flicker index and flicker %


  • Illuminance  and luminance meters
  • Spectrophotometers/radiometers
  • Phototherapy and UV meters
  • Reflectance tiles
  • Transmission filters
  • Light Sources (LED, CFL, halogen, etc)






Discover the Unknown

WAVES can design, conduct and manage research projects.  Examples of projects our staff have been involved with include:

  • Sky glow measurement and testing methodologies
  • Variations in sky brightness over the night and seasons, and across locations
  • Quantification of light pollution
  • High accuracy electrical measurements for LED testing
  • Bench-marking of LED lamp performance
  • Road lighting studies:  Spectral, illuminance and luminance measurements of streetlights
  • Photoluminescent decay under varying conditions
  • Calibration methods for spectroradiometers
  • Spectral power distribution
  • Stabilisation of LEDs
  • Test methods for integrating spheres and goniophotometers
  • Control gear considerations when using LEDs to cure nail polish
  • Spectral transmission depth in water when using light guides
  • Investigating the use of LED bulbs in automotive headlights
  • Test methods and limitations for LED driving lights and narrow beam profiles


Product Development, Compliance and Optimisation

WAVES works with manufacturers and distributors to verify the performance of products.  If there are items of non-compliance WAVES can provide technical advice on how to optimise the performance of the products and be ready for approval.  WAVES staff have worked on the compliance and/or development of the following products:

  • LED billboards
  • LED traffic signal lanterns
  • Photoluminescent materials
  • Streetlight luminaire optimisation
  • Luminaire reflector design for ceiling and wall luminaires
  • Emergency exit signs
  • Automotive headlights, direction indicators, stop and position lamp modifications for ADR approval
  • False colour map creation for LED driving light distribution
  • LED retrofit lamps and tubes




Evidence-based Guidance and Advice
  • Artificial Light at Night Surveys for turtle nesting beaches
  • Light audits
  • Lighting design guidance for environmentally sensitive areas
  • Review of Lighting Concept Plans for development sites
  • Custom design testing apparatus for one-off projects
  • Research study design for light pollution, streetlighting, LED billboards, daylighting, and high accuracy electrical measurements investigations
  • Technical direction for rectification of inconsistencies, contradictions and/or errors in Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards and Australian Standards for lighting
  • Technical design consultation regarding glare and lighting for Agri-bots
  • Technical input for motor vehicle accident cases, Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), energy efficiency, lighting quality, and ADR standards
  • Provision of experimental evidence for patent infringement case
  • Expert witness for lighting and photometry
Spectral irradiance measurements, colour metrics, CRI, CCT, chromaticity
Sports lighting
ADR Automotive testing
Organic LED panel luminaire testing and research
Electrical waveform, THD, LCP, flicker
Lighting audits
Flight simulator calibration and luminance