Photometric and Radiometric Testing

Field and Laboratory Photometric Testing

 WAVES performs a range of on-site and in-laboratory photometric and radiometric testing.  We are currently set-up for the following testing:

  • Obtrusive lighting assessments to AS/NZS 4282
  • Sports field lighting audits to AS/NZS 2560
  • Road lighting:  Streetlight and tunnel light audits and assessment to AS 1158
  • Lighting impact assessments for development applications
  • Artificial light at night, ALAN surveys
  • Luminance contrast testing of tactiles, floor and wall tiles, partitions, visual barriers and other building materials to AS 1428
  • Photoluminescent materials to ASTM E 2073, DIN 67510, BCA E4.8
  • Spectral power distribution of light sources
  • Colour metrics; Colour rendering index (CRI), correlated colour temperature (CCT), chromaticity coordinates, Scotopic/photopic ratio
  • Cyanosis observation index to AS 1680.2.5
  • Pre-installation and post-installation assessments
  • Transmission:  visible and UV, broadband and spectral; transmittance of windscreens, window tint, glass, safety glazing, rain water tank plastics, filters and shade-cloth
  • Reflection:  specular and diffuse, broadband and spectral; reflectance of building facade materials, glazing, tactiles, safety way guidance systems (SWGS), floor tiles, and mirrors to AS 1428, AS 2080
  • Total harmonic distortion, LCP (Lamp circuit power)


There are more tests which we have conducted in the past that we are not currently set-up to perform.  If the testing you need is not listed above please contact us to discuss your needs.  


We have designed many one-off type and custom research testing apparatus and can help with your challenging testing issue.  Whether you require a standard test or testing specific to your project, contact us to discuss your testing now.  

Lighting consultancy and expert witness
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Luminance contrast testing
Spectral irradiance measurements, colour metrics, CRI, CCT, chromaticity