Lighting Audits

Interior and Exterior Applications

WAVES provides compliance audit services for a range of lighting installations.  We can work to a specified standard or we can design a testing methodology to suit your needs.  Examples of installations we can audit include:

  • Sky glow assessments for light pollution reduction or monitoring
  • Sports field lighting to AS 2560 requirements
  • Streetlight and tunnel light installations to AS 1158 Lighting for Roads and Public Spaces
  • Obtrusive light assessment from sports fields, commercial properties, and residential properties for AS 4282 Control of the Obtrusive Effects of Outdoor Lighting
  • Office and interior lighting
  • Light audits for artificial light at night surveys (ALAN Surveys)
  • Brightness of LED billboards, commercial signage and Vehicle Mounted Signs
  • Spectral content of installed sources
Sports lighting
Lighting consultancy and expert witness
AS 4282 Obtrusive lighting assessment
Lighting consultant for sky brightness assessment
lighting audits of sports fields