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WAVES performs calibrations and testing to a range of Australian and International standards.  Testing areas include:

  • Artificial Light at Night Surveys (ALAN Surveys)
  • Compliance testing for lighting installations
  • Lamps, luminaires and materials testing
  • Luminance and luminance contrast testing
  • Photoluminescent decay testing
  • Illuminance, luminous intensity and flux measurements
  • Spectral and colour metrics (CRI, CCT and chromaticity)


If you have a light, lighting or photometry question you need answered, or a problem you need solved, WAVES can help.

WAVES undertakes research in the following areas:

  • Impact of lighting on wildlife
  • Light pollution and sky glow
  • Measurement of sky brightness
  • Human impact on light pollution
  • Product development for compliance and optimisation
  • Research experiment design and management
  • Development of custom testing apparatus


WAVES provides specialist advice and guidance on complex lighting matters and photometry.

Our staff have been involved in a wide range of projects with Government, Councils, Main Roads, energy and streetlighting providers, Queensland Police Service, and Universities.

WAVES experience includes policy creation, bench-marking, compliance testing, preliminary investigations, research studies, standards reviews and updates, and advisory roles.

Waves provides experimental evidence and technical advice for expert witness cases regarding lighting and photometry.